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    Salaried Income
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    House Property Income
    Other Source Income
    Capital Gain Income
    Business Income (Turnover less than 20 Lakhs)

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Income Tax Return

Income Tax Return or ITR is the Form in which the taxpayers would declare the taxable income, tax payments, and deductions. ITR procedure is the filling of the Income Tax Returns which is also referred as the income tax filing. When you file the actual, total amount would be calculated and goes to the government. When you have paid Tax needed for the financial year, then you would be refunded by income tax department of India. ITR Filling consultants in Delhi is the form that has files information assessee about the Income and tax to the Income Tax Department. There are many different forms are available that includes ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 5, ITR 6 and ITR 7. According to the Income Tax Act, 1961 along with Income Tax Rules of 1962 that obligates the citizens for easily making the files return with Income Tax Department at every financial year. ITR Filling form ranges from the ITR 1 to ITR 7 that is used for different Income types. These Income Tax Return or ITR forms will be longer sessions when compared to others and they normally have the additional disclosure that includes the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement Information and many more.

Income Tax Return E-Filling Service:

Income Tax Return E-Filling is also made easier with getting the professional help so that you can conveniently get the faster way of filling the application. Avail the Income Tax E-Filling for free and upload your form 16 and you can get complete acknowledgment and claim deduction. Of course, you could easily E-Filling the Income Tax Return based on your income from the salary, capital gains, house property, profession, and business as well as other sources. Further, you could also easily file the TDS returns by generating the Form-16. You can also conveniently apply the Income Tax E-Filling for free with the use of Tax Calculator software, generate rent receipts, check refund status and claim HRA on Income Tax Filing. It is also mandatory to link your PAN details with the Aadhaar that are normally mentioned in the IT returns. When you have applied for the Aadhaar then you would mention enrollment number in Returns. Using the GST Software, it is also convenient to get the complete help of tax experts, CAs and business to easily manage the returns and invoices in much more easier way. Fill the application form in the Online Income Tax Return with registering your business or other property to the excellence.

Details Required For The E-Filing Your Income Tax Returns:

With completing the Online Income Tax Return then you need to produce the appropriate detailed documents attached to the e-filing income tax returns. To complete ITR Filling consultants in delhi, you need to produce the basic information like Aadhar card number, PAN as well as current address. Details about bank accounts that you held during given financial year is a mandatory disclosure when you are e-filing the income tax returns. You can contact the professionals for Income Tax E-Filling for free so that it would be quite easier to go through the complete process.

Documents Required for Income Tax Returns


  • 1     Copy of PAN
  • 2     Banks Accounts details / statements of all bank accounts (including Joint Accounts)
  • 3     Form 16 received from Employer (if available)
  • 4     Form 16 A received form Deductor (if available)
  • 5     Details of Investments made / Mediclaim (To claim Deduction or to lessen your tax burden)
  • 6     Aadhar Number ( If Available)
  • 7     Passport Number ( if you have visited outside India in last financial year)


Process Involved 20%

Documents are provided by the client

Based on above documents Income is calculated and sent to client for confirmation

Tax payable is calculated based on Income

Computation of Tax is sent to client and informed for payment

Income Tax Return is prepared and tax details are feeded

Prepared income tax return is uploaded to income tax portal using clients id and password

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