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Legal Advise

Legal Advice, as opposed to legal information, is what lawyers provide to clients. This generally involves advising the client about the client’s particular matter, or recommending or advising the client to take a certain action. Legal information can be said to be giving information that is a legal fact, such as the legal age of when a person ceases to be a minor. The practice of law is the giving of legal advice to a particular individual or entity. Offering legal advice to the general public is not considered the unauthorized practice of law.

In a nutshell, legal advice has the following characteristics:

  • Requires legal knowledge, skill, education and judgment
  • Applies specific law to a particular set of circumstances
  • Affects someone's legal rights or responsibilities
  • Creates rights and responsibilities in the advice-giver

Legal Advice Includes:

  • 1. explaining the legal obligations of the parties under the real estate sales contract;
  • 2. explaining the meaning of legal terms used in taking title to property or advising the parties to the transaction which way to take title to the property;
  • 3. explaining the legal obligations of the parties under the loan documents;
  • 4. explaining the legal effect of an item reported as an exception in a title commitment;
  • 5. explaining the legal effect of a document in the chain of title;
  • 6. drafting legal instruments for a party to the transaction, other than completing form documents selected by and in accordance with the instructions of the parties to the transaction;
  • 7. selecting a legal instrument for a party if to do so requires the exercise of legal judgment;
  • 8. instructing or assisting a party in the completion of a legal document if to do so requires the exercise of legal judgment;

The site basically provides with legal advices with the leading matters which take place. Few matters like how to make agreements like asset purchase agreements, employee agreement, intellectual property agreement, license agreements, partnership agreements etc. It also provides advice for marriages all the documents needed for the same, Documents and advice related to divorce, documentations for patent or how to go about it legally and also many advices related to a start- up of a company.

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